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Full Version: Equinox Headphones :: ML 80
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Pairing Wireless Headphones

Pairing the ML 80 headphones is only required at first time use. EQUINOX will then automatically connect to the headphones for all future uses.

Re-pairing will be required if a different wireless device has been connected to the detector (e.g. WM 08), or following detector factory reset.

1. Ensure your wireless headphones are turned off and are no more than 1 metre (3-feet) away from the detector. 

2. Press and hold the Multi-Function button on the ML 80 headphones until two ascending tones are heard and the LED alternates blue and red. 

3. Press the wireless button on the side of the EQUINOX control panel for 5 seconds until the Wireless icon starts to flash rapidly. For first-time use of the EQUINOX, or following a factory reset, a short press of the Wireless button will immediately start the pairing sequence. 

4. The EQUINOX first attempts to pair with a WM 08 module for 15 seconds, indicated by the Wireless icon flashing on the LCD. If a WM 08 is not found within this time, EQUINOX will then attempt to pair with Bluetooth® headphones for 5 minutes, or until pairing is complete. This is indicated by the Bluetooth® icon flashing on the LCD. The Pairing process can be interrupted at any time by pressing the Wireless button. 

5. If pairing is successful, the Bluetooth® and Wireless icons on the LCD will remain steady on. The headphones will beep and the Status LED will flash blue once every 3 seconds. If the pairing is not successful within 5 minutes of being initiated, the headphones will go into standby mode.

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